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Litha are delighted to announce that we are together again and back out on the road in Germany for our first live shows of 2014. We will be performing our unique blend of our Celtic and German traditional music and song at:

Friday 7th February 2014, 19:30
D 69242 Mühlhausen / Bürgerhaus

Saturday 8th February 2014, 19:30
D 72250 Freudenstadt / Kultur am Dobel, Sportcafé

Sunday 9th February 2014, 19:30
D 73312 Geislingen / Steige Rätsche im Schlachthof

If you can make it to one of the shows please come up and say hello! We look forward to seeing you there.

We wrap up 2013 after our traditional november tour through Germany. It's been a good year for us with three tours in Germany/Switzerland and one in the USA.

We've enjoyed our time together, as always. It was great fun to play in all the various venues -  theatres with chandeliers and red velvet seats, concerts halls, churches, a jazz club, a barn and even a pub - to name but a few ;)

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We recently returned from a tour of the USA touring the USA from east to west and performing in Connecticut, Maryland, New York, Massachusetts, California and Oregon. We met up with lots of great friends and made some new ones along the way. The band would like to extend a huge thank you to all the friends and fans who came to see us and bought our CD's. Thanks too to all the promoters, sound technicians and lighting techs who helped make the shows such a success.

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Did you know that we share 96.4% of our DNA with Orangutans? Sumatran Orangutans are one of our closest relatives in the animal kingdom, but they are in big trouble due to the massive rate of deforestation - there are just 6,600 left in the wild. Aaron wanted to do something to help, so he signed up to grow a beard for Ape-ril, in solidarity with our red-haired relatives! Growing a beard is something that all apes can do, and what’s a bit of an itchy chin between cousins?

It would be great if you would consider sponsoring Aaron AND sharing his page on Facebook and Twitter.

To view his page and make a donation click here.

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Litha are delighted to announce that a concert from their forthcoming tour of the USA will be streamed live through Concert Window, a new and very exciting service that allows you to watch the show live wherever you are in the World on your computer, iPad or iPhone. Although the show will NOT be archived, you can watch the show LIVE at the fantastic 'Freight and Salvage' venue in Berkeley, California at 20:00 US Pacific Time on Monday April 15th in HD. Tickets are US$5 and can be purchased anytime before the show by clicking here.

Gearing up for our tour of the USA, which kicks off in West Hartford on Friday. Hope to see you there!

Fr. 05. Apr. 2013, 19:30
US 06117 West Hartford, CT University of Hartfort CT - Wilde Auditorium

Sa. 06. Apr. 2013, 20:00
US 12564 Pawling, NY Town Crier Cafe

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Unsere erste Tournee im Jahr 2013 steht ins Haus, hier eine Liste der nächsten Auftritte:

Do. 14. Feb. 2013, 20:00, D 32423 Minden Kulturzentrum BüZ

Fr. 15. Feb. 2013, 20:00, D 38226 Salzgitter Fachdienst Kultur

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2012 war ein fantastisches Jahr für Litha - angefangen mit unserer CD-Präsentation beim renommierten Celtic Connections Festival in Glasgow bis zum letzten Konzert des Jahres in Wiesbaden! Das neue Litha Album "Dancing of the Light" hat international tolle Kritiken bekommen und die 14 Tracks der CD haben unser Konzertprogramm noch einmal bereichert.

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Nach einer längeren Zeit ohne Auftritte geht es demnächst wieder los. Ab dem 16.11. sind wir unterwegs in Deutschland, von Ravensburg und Irsee im Süden der Republik über Gütersloh und Bad Oeynhausen bis nach Wangenheim in Thüringen führt unsere kleine Tour. Weitere Veranstaltungsorte und die genauen Adressen und Termine findet ihr unter Tourdates.

Wir würden uns freuen euch bei einem Konzert zu treffen!

Vom 28.9. bis zum 3.10. findet auf der Burg Fürsteneck in der Nähe von Fulda ein verlängertes Workshop-Wochenende zum Thema "Irish Folk" statt. Gudrun und Jürgen werden dort den Ensemblekurs leiten und Aaron wird zusammen mit Ewan Robertson (Sänger bei "Breabach") aus Glasgow einen Gesangs-Workshop anbieten. Einige wenige Plätze sind noch frei und anmelden kann man sich hier.

Litha @ Travelling Folk

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