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Double Trouble

Greetings and welcome to you all.
We hope this finds you all well? Everything is good in the Litha camp although, as you will have noticed, we’ve been taking a break from touring and for very good reason! On April 4th 2017 Claire and Aaron added twins Ewan and Innes to their family. Claire and the boys are doing great but for obvious reasons, we have decided to take a hiatus from touring to get the boys on their feet and allow us all the chance to adjust to two new additions to the Litha clan. Although there are no current dates in the diary, we’re determined that as soon as the boys are up and about we will look at plans to get back out on the road. In the meantime, you can still catch us out on the road in other line ups and buy our music through Gudrun and Juergen’s website.
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